Kamanja v1.0.4 – released May 15, 2015

Release Notes for Kamanja 1.0.4

These release notes refer to an old version of Kamanja. We have retained them for reference, but disabled the links. Please click on the 'Download' link on this site for the most recent version of Kamanja, and contact us if you've any queries. Thank you!

This release resolved the following issues:

  • Model Support
    • PMML Improved - message and message wrapper for PMML (COPD) generates duplicate outcomes. Issue 256 fixed. #256 is asking for the elimination of the wrapper message. Instead, the medical customer wants to see just the visit messages without the wrapper.
    • Persist Indicator Added to Message - persist message is automatically persisted/appended to the partition key's history prior to invoking models that may be interested in that message.
    • PMML UDFs Enhanced - DateTime protocol enhanced.
    • Custom UDF Library Changes - now possible to build custom UDF libraries in separate projects.
    • PMML Compiler Bug Fixes - while testing, bug #357 was fixed. This is the problem using Int, Long, etc in the dataType attribute of the derived fields.
    • Null Strings Improved - null strings are managed more effectively. Small change to the XML SAX parser.
    • Macros Improved - wrong template (mapped) when fixed message should have been chosen.
    • EasyInstaller Improved - EasyInstaller touched up.
    • ExtractData Utility Added - a utility called ExtractData has been created to allow for input message history to be retrieved from the database.
  • Change Log
    • Documentation
      • PMML UDF API documentation for all (or nearly so) functions - roughly 765 functions with description, argument, and return type semantics.
      • PMML macro documentation now available in the wiki.
      • Initial revision of new wiki section under construction to include standard usage patterns in every model created and the recommended way to manage them.