Kamanja v1.2 – released Dec 14, 2015

Release Notes for Kamanja 1.2

These release notes refer to an old version of Kamanja. We have retained them for reference, but disabled the links. Please click on the 'Download' link on this site for the most recent version of Kamanja, and contact us if you've any queries. Thank you!

Kamanja version 1.2 was released on Dec 9, 2015.

Kamanja version 1.2 had new features in the following areas:

  • Adapters
    • Adapter Error and Exception Handling Improved - adapters such as Kafka, input/output adapters, and file adapters. Kamanja is more robust than ever! Kamanja is able to survive catastrophic issues such as connectivity failure (for example, Kafka fails). It recovers by trying to reconnect to Kafka and gets it back on-line.
    • Storage Adapter Error Handling Improved - storage adapters such as HBase, Cassandra, SqlServer.
    • File Data Consumer Added - utility that watches a directory and transfers messages from files within that directory to a Kafka topic. More details in the File Data Consumer section.
    • SQL Server Added - more details in the Storage Adapters section.
  • Model Support
    • Time Partitioning Added - messages and corresponding enhancements in storage and RDD functionality supported – this allows for partitioning based on DateTime. More details in the Time Partitioning section.
    • Time to Process Messages Improved - now waiting for a period of time for all nodes defined in cluster configuration to start before processing messages. If all nodes do not start, any nodes starting begin processing data after a configurable amount of time.
    • Support for KV format - new format to read data in.
    • Output Message Definition Improved - output message definitions enhanced/fixed.
    • Message Enhancement - messages enhanced/fixed.
    • Model Invocation Improved - to scale models that process high volumes of data or that have high initialization costs, there is a model invocation mechanism with initialization and caching. To understand how to use the new model invocation mechanism with initialization and caching, see the ModelInstance/Factory section.
  • Administration
    • CleanUtil Added - new tool called CleanUtil. It cleans up a test environment. Find more details about CleanUtil in the CleanUtil-1.0 section.
  • Ease of Use
    • Compatibility with Components - components upgraded to work with Kamanja. Version 1.2 now works with:
      • ZooKeeper 3.4.7
      • Kafka_2.10-
      • JDK 8
      • Scala 2.10.4
      • HBase client 1.x
    • Change Log
      • Logging Improved - logging level changes picked up without restarting the engine. Use log42j.xml to set the path to the log output directory, set the monitoring interval, and set the log level, all without having to stop the engine and start it back up again. More details in the logging section.