Kamanja v1.4.2 – released Jun 21, 2016

Release Notes for Kamanja 1.4.2

These release notes refer to an old version of Kamanja. We have retained them for reference, but disabled the links. Please click on the 'Download' link on this site for the most recent version of Kamanja, and contact us if you've any queries. Thank you!

This release resolved the following issues:

  • Ease of Use
    • schemaId no longer Needed - previously, every message read by Kamanja that was in JSON format required a schemaId that was associated with the type of message. That schemaId is no longer necessary.
    • kbinary Storage - data was not stored in the database as kbinary previously. kbinary is now serialized and deserialized from the datastore.
    • Fat JARs not Loaded - previously, every time a model was added, the fat JARs (around 150 MB total) were being uploaded into the database, causing adding a model to be unnecessarily long. These JARs are no longer uploaded when models are added to metadata.