Kamanja v1.5.2 – released Aug 2, 2016

Release Notes for Kamanja 1.5.2

There is a new release of Kamanja – version 1.5.2 – released Aug 2, 2016!

Kamanja binaries are available at:

This release resolves the following issues:

  • Adapters
    • File Data Consumer Enhanced - two new fields added to the configuration file for the file data consumer.
    • Smart File Input Adapter Fixed — issue fixed in the smart file input adapter where only the Kamanja leader node processed messages. All nodes in a Kamanja cluster now process messages.
    • KamanjaManager Fixed – improved so that when using multiple output adapters and one throws an exception, the other adapter emits the message to the destination.
    • Upload Cluster Config Fixed — issue fixed where TenantID was not properly uploaded when using the SQL server as the data store.
  • Model Support
    • JTMs Fixed - improved so that date partition information is populated. Also, the given date format is no longer being mistakenly converted.
    • PMML Models Fixed - PMML models manually edited to correct erroneous type coercion.
    • Message Definition Generator Fixed - improved so that the target data field in PMML is one of the fields in the input message definition. The CreateMessage tool was also fixed.
    • Message Definition Enhanced - new key added to the message definition. See here for details.
  • Performance/Security
    • Kafka Kerberos Fixed - improved so that Kamanja connects to Kafka secured with Kerberos. The cluster start script also connects to secured Kafka.
  • Ease of Use
    • Starting/Stopping Enhanced - optional --NodeIds parameter added (for example, --NodeIds "1,2,3") to StartKamanjaCluster.sh, StopKamanjaCluster.sh, or StatusKamanjaCluster.sh. This parameter specifies a set of nodes instead of the entire cluster.
    • KVInit Improved - --onlyappend option added to KVInit. See here for details.

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