Kamanja v1.6.1 – released publicly Mar 8, 2017

Kamanja 1.6.1 was a limited release that includes the following new features, included in 1.6.2 for the first time in a public release.

The links will take you to more information on our new documentation site:

  • Consolidated logging - creates a centralized queue for all errors and warnings from all components and all nodes in the cluster. These are implemented as a Kafka topic that the a log server can read.
  • Encrypted and encoded passwords – Kamanja now supports encrypted and encoded passwords as well as plain text passwords; only the RSA algorithm is supported at this time. In Release 1.6.2, you can use encrypted passwords with MetadataAPIServices or SmartFileAdapter. You can also add this functionality to any adapters you create.
  • Failover support for nodes in a cluster running the JDBC, HDFS, or FileDataConsumer services.