Kamanja 1.5 Released!

July 11, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

Hello everyone! Happy National Swimming Pool Day! It is our pleasure to announce the release of Kamanja 1.5! Please find the release notes: http://kamanja.org/kamanja-release-1-5-rel-notes/ Some highlights: Kafka Kerberos and SSL H2DB Support Support for Multiple Storage Adapters Message Definition Generator Thanks!

Kamanja Tutorial Contest

June 28, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

We’ve teamed up with hack.guides(), we’re sponsoring $500 for the best tutorial using Kamanja. Hosted on Pluralsight.com’s hack.guides(), your tutorials will gain credibility and enter our ever-expanding open source arena for Data Science and Engineering. By contributing, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge, help other developers, and make money. Furthermore, by contributing articles … Read More

R: Best Practices and Styling Guidelines

June 14, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

This posting is about various “R Style Guides”, talking about best practices for R programming. Here, I will offer some choices, and let you decide for your organization. The intent is for good software development, which includes helping your code be readable and maintainable by others. Sometimes constraints exist with other systems that you may … Read More

Team Effort of Data Science

May 28, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

Data science is pitched as the sexiest job of the 21st century and businesses around the world are on a quest to harness the data skills that promise to boost their revenue. But businesses need to be aware that data science, like most technology disciplines that came before it, is over-hyped and often misunderstood. While … Read More

Kamanja listed on Data Mining Group

May 18, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

Kamanja is now listed as a PMML consumer on the http://dmg.org/pmml/products.html page. See the long list of supported algorithms! The Data Mining Group (DMG) is the non-profit standards body that all the PMML producers and consumers work with to coordinate. Assocation rules (Association) Cluster model (Clustering) General regression (Regression, Cox regression, Classification) k-Nearest neighbors (Regression, Classification, … Read More

Types of Ensemble Models and DAGs

May 18, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

ENSEMBLE MODELS The Ensemble models are implemented in Kamanja with DAG’s (Directed Acyclic Graphs). Combine Models in Parellel For example, you can have 6 models at stage one, all outputting their independent score.  Another model at stage 2 can use as input all the stage one scores plus the input data (or most important input … Read More

3 Data Science Pitfalls

May 16, 2016The Latest on Kamanja

Unless you are in the business of selling data or analytics software or services, you have seen a fair share of data science projects fail to achieve promised value. Notwithstanding the flood of success stories in the media, we know that disappointment in data science is far more common. (article: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2016/5/3-common-data-science-pitfalls-avoid) Many of us have … Read More