Using Kamanja to Optimize Customer Care

March 28, 2016

Using Kamanja to Optimize Customer Care In retail banking, customer service is a tricky business. Most people view banking as one of life’s minor hassles. It is something that you do instead of what you would rather be doing. Time spent on hold or queuing for a teller is time wasted. It’s not all rainbows … Read More

Using Kamanja for Application Monitoring

February 29, 2016

Data leakage is a major concern for enterprises.  White papers from Cisco and the SANS Institute suggest that insider security breaches may be an even bigger concern than external attacks.  This makes sense.  Those with the greatest access to data have the opportunity to do the greatest damage.  This may be through malice, through negligence, … Read More

Using Kamanja to Monitor Social Media

February 29, 2016

Social media has changed the way companies communicate with their customers. In the bad old days, customer contact strategies were largely one-sided. Marketers would package their key messages and distribute them via mass media ads and direct mail. However, when a customer had a point to make, they were limited to some fairly unappealing options. … Read More