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    Koushik Kulkarni

    Hi all,

    I am able to run the HelloWorld sample in Kamanja 1.4 properly. however, when I change the message adapter binding to use com.ligadata.kamanja.serializer.jsonserdeser and push a sample message like {“Id”:100, “Name”:”somename”, “Score”:1}, I get error ‘failed to deserialize’, ‘the supplied map (from json) to deserialize does not have a known schemaid, id: -1’. Please help.

    Also the command kamanja remove adaptermessagebinding FROMFILE fails with message ‘java.lang.ClassCastException: scala.collection.immutable.Map$Map4 cannot be cast to java.lang.String’. Please advise if I am missing any configuration/option.

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    Sreenivasulu Pokuri

    Hi Koushik,

    In 1.4.0 we were expecting schema while deserializing JSON message. We fixed it in 1.5.0.  Let me check it whether we rolled that fix to 1.4.1 or not?

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    Koushik Kulkarni

    Hi Pokuri – can you please confirm if I use 1.4.1?

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    Sreenivasulu Pokuri

    Hi Koushik,

    That fix is not moved to 1.4.1. We are planning to give 1.5.0 by end of this month. If you can wait for 1.5.0 you will get JSON deserializer optional schemaid. Otherwise we may look for HOT fix on 1.4.1, if you are waiting for JSON deserializer.

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    Ashwath K Alva

    Hi Pokuri,

    This is again an issue of breaking backward compatibility. Multi tenancy is supported from 1.4.x and hence we are trying to deploy 2 use cases.

    Please retro fit the code changes to make schema optional to 1.4.1. Also please provide examples with JSON schema so that we can confirm that things work fine with a defined schema.




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    Sreenivasulu Pokuri

    Hi Ashwath & Koushik,

    We are releasing Kamanja 1.4.2, which is dedicated to fixing this particular issue.

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