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    How do Kamanja and Apache Apex differ and compliment?

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    Kamanja and Apache apex are coherent in the sense that both process big data in-motion in a highly scalable, highly performant, fault tolerant, distributed and an easily operable way. The data-in-motion architecture of both Kamanja and apache apex unifies stream as well as batch processing in a single infrastructure. Both have platforms supplemented with a library of operators that implement common business logic functions such as files systems like HDFS, FTP, message brokers like kafka, MQ, databases such as HBase, Cassandra, SQL server and others via JDBC connectors.
    They differ in the languages each one supports. Apache Apex allows execution of software written in JavaScript, Python, R and Ruby whereas Kamanja not only supports software languages such as Java, Scala but also can consume PMML from any algorithm that generates PMML, e.g. R, SAS enterprise miner, Spark, MLlib, Tibco, KNIME, BigML, SPSS modeler and so many more as you can see from the latest software and algorithms support at http://kamanja.org/kamanja-integration-software-algorithms/

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