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    Mehul Parekh

    We have now setup a process for anyone with access to GitHub/Kamanja repository to contribute code. It describes how and when to fork and create new branches for bug fixes and issues from dev branch, unit test, rebase and submit pull requests for merges back into dev branch.

    Please review the process at the following link, and follow the same with regards to GitHub/Kamanja repository:


    All feedback, comments welcome.

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    JP Creedon

    This link: https://github.com/LigaData/Kamanja/wiki contains the information now.

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    For unit tests, I see a guideline only. Where are kamanja unit tests themselves?

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    Within the Kamanja repository (https://github.com/LigaData/Kamanja) you should see several projects. Within each of those projects exists two directories, ‘src’ and ‘test’. All unit tests and integration tests should exist within the test directory of their respective project.


    Additionally, you may find end-to-end tests in a separate repository (https://github.com/LigaData/Kamanja_Automation). All end-to-end tests are in “TestSetupManager/test”.

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