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    Greg Makowski


    I bring this up for “ease of use” for people new to Kamanja.

    This is mostly a doc change, but also a command line change.  I would debate, that the terms “upload” or “download” are referring to moving or transferring files or data over a network, such as “upload the video to youtube” or “download your email attachment”.  The direction of “Up” or “down” referred going from a small computer up to a bigger computer, system or the internet, from your PC or phone.  See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upload or http://www.dictionary.com/browse/upload

    When you are on the same computer, you “load the Word doc” or “load the data into the database”.   I understand with the command below, we are loading the ClusterConfig.json into the datastore (not over a network).


    bash kamanja $KAMANJA_HOME/config/MetadataAPIConfig.properties \

        upload cluster config $KAMANJA_HOME/config/ClusterConfig.json

    Now that we have been talking about “puppet” or other mechanisms to copy and distribute software over many compute nodes in a network, the term “upload” is more likely to lead to confusion.  Will this “upload” command copy the ClusterConfig.json to all Kamanja nodes?  I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.  If the config does get propagated automatically, correctly, reliably, than maybe that is justification for not making a change to the “up” part of “upload”.    I have heard the statement “most requests for help are around confusion of some kind of configuration.”

    I thought I would check.  This is a very low priority. If we don’t change the command, or until we make the change, perhaps a quick and minimal change to the doc, along the lines of:

    “The command word ‘upload’ is used for historical reasons. The ClusterConfig.json is NOT copied to any other servers, the json is loaded in the local data store.  When Kamanja is started, it checks for the config information in the local data store.”  (or what ever is technically accurate).

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    Greg Makowski

    For backward compatibility, support both “upload” and “load”.  Then no existing client scripts need to be changed.

    Change the doc and examples to use “load”, with a footnote of the backward compatibility.  Perhaps in Kamanja examples, a find/grep/sed script can make changes in existing scripts for new releases   “upload cluster config”  –> “load cluster config”



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    Alison Apel

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your documentation recommendation. Your note has been added to the:




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