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    Given that kamanja engine and services are installed on Server 1 and kafka, zk and hdfs are on a different Server 2, what actions/steps to take for the following in case of DR if the various integrated components of the wider ecosystem go down:

    1) Failure of our Kamanja servers in location A, failover to location B

    2) Failure of our SQL Server in location A, failover to location B

    3) Failure of the PROD NAS, switch over to the DR NAS

    4) Failure of Kafka in location A, switch over to Kafka in location B

    5) Failure of HDFS in location A, switch over HDFS in location B


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    Given that performance will be better if the various components are co-located, it is advisable that the DR servers are in the same data center. If all the integration points are impossible, at the least keep kamanja & kafka tightly coupled for better through-put.

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    JP Creedon

    Thanks Saaim.

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