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    When we specify multiple in kafka broker it redistribute n number of time there by writing same message multiple times which was fixed by specifying only single broker.I faced a similar issue in file adaptor, where in multi server installation it is writting the same data multiple times there by duplicating the count and output.When i change the config to work in single node the adaptor is workign fine. Could you please check if there is any issue in using file adaptor/kafka adaptor in multinode/multi broker environment.

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    Please let me know if you have found anything on this as the current workaround is going to be major problem in case of node failures or upgrades where we will be updating only one node and wont be having any backup node to fail over.

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      I suppose the current version of file adapter will be superseded by the smart file consumer that is currently being built. This will be included in the next release though.

      any idea what the release date is for the release that will have the smart file consumer wrapped in the adapter code? will it also contain the tweak for the Kafka adapter for proper redistribution?


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