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    I was able to run it end to end but couldn’t find much about what was the use case . The steps mentioned in the documentation just describe the steps to run the code.

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    I’m the technical writer currently updating the documentation and happy to hear that you got the samples running. You are absolutely right that I have not explained the purpose of the steps. I am working on that – frantically! 🙂 Definitely the engineers at Kamanja know exactly what the use cases are – the documentation is just lagging behind.

    Just curious to know how you heard of Kamanja, where do you work, etc. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your company/work.

    Also, I would love your help in improving the documentation. If we can stay engaged in email exchanges, I think you will be a valuable person in reviewing the documentation as I add to it. Would this be ok? I will concentrate on the Telecom use case as that seems to be the one you are interested in.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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