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    As kafka 0.9 has kerberos authentication/SSL features, will kamanja 1.5 enable such capabilities for both consumer and producer?

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    Dan Kozin

    Hi Saaim,

    Yes, we have a task open to enable Kerberos with Kafka 0.9 and I am currently actively working on it.  So, baring any issue we plan on delivering it in 1.5 release


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    Dan Kozin

    Just to add, we plan on supporting this in our  Kafka Producer,Kafka Consumer, and kamanja tools that push into kafka (such us the scripts that we provide)



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    Thanks Dan. What is the timeline for 1.5 release?

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    Dan Kozin

    Hi Saaim,

    We are targeting end of June timeframe.

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    Hi Saaim,

    1.5 release date is end of June.

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    Can you provide the kafka features as part of 1.4.X?



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    JP Creedon

    They are currently planned for 1.5 however we will discuss possibly getting them into 1.4.X

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