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    Thanks to the feedback from our users we have been continuously improving Kamanja. For the installation binaries as well as guidance either installing it for the first time or upgrading from a previous version, follow the link below:


    This version has some exciting new features as well as improvements to ease-of-use.

    · PMML Support – Support for several model types for standard PMML has been implemented. This includes changes to Kamanja commands to allow for addition of standard PMML models. This allows data scientist to create models with standard model building tools like R, SciKit Learn, and Python (PMML).

    · Expanded monitoring of component statistics (Monitoring Kamanja). Input/output adapters and storage adapters are now reporting statistics about I/O.

    · Added a new FailedEvents Adapter. If configured, any messages that Kamanja Manager fails to process will be sent to this adapter along with a reason for its failure

    · Kafka output adapter send mechanism re-written to leverage new Kafka API.

    · Migration tool created to support migration from Kamanja 1.1.x to 1.3.0 and from Kamanja 1.2.x to 1.3.0 (Migration tool). For 1.1.x to 1.3.0 migration,

    · Now referencing Kafka API instead of

    · Code-base now being compiled in Scala 2.11.7 instead of 2.10.4.

    Detailed documentation can be found at the following link:


    For the source code, go to the Github repository:


    And be sure and visit and bookmark http://kamanja.org – where you can find all the information here.

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