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    If we understand correctly, the Medical sample application is using Hbase as a store for its containers only, and the actual model output will be in Kafka output queue.

    so, if we wanted the model output to be stored in Hbase we will have to re-write the models OR create a tool that will push the data from Kafka output queue to Hbase,right?

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    according to what i know you need an output adapter to write your output from kafka to HBase , or u can take a look at http://kamanja.org/advanced-developers-guide/adapters/storage-adapters/


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    We save Container Data (Reference Data) for reference purpose and Events Data (Fact Data) for history purpose in our datastore. All alerts goes to Output Adapters. That is where users will connect and process alerts in their applications.

    So, there is no need to save alerts in Datastore for history purpose at this moment.


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