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    Can we have multiple MQ Input adaptors. We wanted some adaptors doing one setof actions and others doing different set. We dont want all of these trying to write to the output queue.

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    I didn’t use MQ adapters before, but I looked at code (btw, I encourage you to browse source code and get familiar with this kind of information) to see attributes associated with configuration. In the code, each input adapter is configured with channel, queue name or topic name. This indicates that you could have multiple adapters for MQ as long as each one is configured to use different queue/topic. In Kafka world, we could do with different adapters associating to unique topics.



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    My intention here was to have 3 or 4 adaptor where i can use one adaptor to get the reference data in the server and other to use real time data.The purpose was to have seperate queues as per the nature/structure of the files.Also can i have like a those mq adaptor s which are configured to read reference data write the output to a CSV file so that i can upload the same to HBASE.

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