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    Greg Makowski

    Graham,    Graham.Williams@togaware.com

    Using earlier versions of Rattle, I have been able to go to the model tab, and “export” to get the pop up window.  Now there is no “save PMML” button appearing on this pop up window. 

    As a workaround, I am just using the corresponding R code, such as

    model_path <- “/Users/gregmakowski/Documents/KamanjaDemo/testing_R/”

    model_file <- paste( model_path, “hmeq_R_DecisionTree_model_m1.xml”, sep=””)

    saveXML( pmml(crs$rpart), model_file )

    However, I was hoping to make more videos using Rattle to train models and export PMML, with corresponding videos of loading PMML and running it in our open source product, Kamanja.  (this would promote Rattle as well).  See our link:

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