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    We have some P2 bugs that may not be fixed in 1.1. They all should have workarounds. A common problem in demos is that the queues need to be reset. The first time I saw this was when I ran Hello World and the COPD back to back. I was getting Hello World output for COPD. I needed to flush the queues.

    When people download Kamanja and try it themselves without guidance they may run into this so we are making sure they know of a workaround. I am posting one here and asking for comments if there any.In addition, I would like to know of as many situations as possible where this is needed so we can provide people with ways of recognizing them. Do this ASAP because even though time compresses as we get closer to the speed of light, we need to get this out there. 🙂

    The “workaround” is to delete zookeeper and kafka data directories and perform 1 of 3 storage cleanup procedures:

    1. Hashmap/Treemap – delete all files in $KAMANJA_HOME/storage

    2. Cassandra – connect to cassandra using cqlsh and execute:

    drop keyspace metadata;

    drop keyspace testdata;

    drop keyspace statusinfo;

    or whatever the names of the tables are in configuration.

    3. Hbase – connect to hbase using hbase shell and execute:

    disable ‘metadata’

    drop ‘metadata’

    disable ‘testdata’

    drop ‘testdata’

    disable ‘statusinfo’

    drop ‘status info’

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