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    Koushik Kulkarni

    hi all,

    Can you please let me know if the MySQL storage adapter can be used for other RDBMS DBs? Also please confirm that this is still being supported in the latest Kamanja release.

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    Hi Koushik,

    While we have code for MySQL, it is currently unsupported and untested. It isn’t even packaged in the release binaries.

    To answer your question, however, no, I don’t believe it could be used for other RDBMS DBs. In MySqlAdapter.scala, on lines 223 and 224 I see the below lines.

    As you can see, we have ‘mysql’ hard-coded into the connection strings, eliminating any possibility of connecting to anything except mysql.

    var jdbcUrl = "jdbc:mysql://" + sqlServerInstance + "/" + database + "?user=" + user + "?password=" + password
    var jdbcUrl1 = "jdbc:mysql://" + sqlServerInstance + "/" + database
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    Koushik Kulkarni

    Thanks William!

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