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    I’m trying kamanja 1.6, known from dmg website, kamanja can consume pmml models, and support many model types. But after checking some example, it seems they are all java models. So here I am, looking for examples that using pmml models.

    question 2:  From http://kamanja.org/wiki/kpmml-vs-dmg-standard/, “kamanja focused on ruleset pmml model” and “currently a PMML model that R or SAS (Enterprise Miner) exports can not directly be used”, did I misunderstand? As a pmml consumer, there should be no such problems.

    question3:  What’s the relationship between kamanja and jpmml-evaluator. http://kamanja.org/wiki/pmml/  makes me confused, did kamanja integrate jpmml-evaluator?  if no, then why did kamana claim that it has the same ability with jpmml-evaluator?

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    William Tarver

    Hi Roberts,


    Question 1: We don’t supply any samples of pmml with the Kamanja package. However, we have a few samples in source which you may find at https://github.com/LigaData/Kamanja/tree/master/trunk/Utils/PmmlTestTool/src/main/resources/metadata/model

    Question 2: That documentation is incorrect and should be corrected immediately. When Kamanja first released, that statement was true, but we have since added support for the DMG standard.

    Question 3: The answer is simple: we have integrated jpmml-evaluator. The documentation should be corrected to be clearer.

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    Vincent Romeo

    I’m trying to better understand the relationship between kamanja and jpmml-evaluator, as well. In particular, is kamanja dependent on the GNU Affero GPL licensed code available at https://github.com/jpmml? Many in other forums have expressed concerns about this license being “incompatible” w/ Apache 2.0 or BSD 3-clause licensed code. I read the response that, “we have integrated jpmml-evaluator,” but that still leaves questions, particularly since OpenScoring also offers the code under a BSD 3-clause, if you’ve chosen to execute an SLA with them.


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