To add a new object to the cluster configuration file, create/modify an existing JSON file.

To add an object (in this case an input adapter), add a new ADAPTER object to the configuration file and submit it to the metadata via the kamanja upload cluster config command.

To update an existing object, simply update an existing property. In fact, if the adapter object already exists in the system, then uploading a cluster config results in an update operation.

Note: Name, TypeString, and TenantId are required to be present.

Example for add/update of the cluster config:

kamanja upload cluster config /tmp/kamanjaInstall/cong/ClusterConfig.json

To remove an object (in this case an input adapter), upload the file with a desired object using the kamanja remove engine config command. Any objects present in JSON dcoument are removed.

Example for removing configuration objects:

kamanja remove engine config /tmp/kamanjaInstall/cong/objectsToRemove.json

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