ClusterInstallerDriver Parameters

From the console, type the tool name, ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0, without arguments. See a dump of the arguments. java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:<KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/config/log4j2.xml -jar <KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0 Expected output: /** Mandatory parameters (always) */ –{upgrade|install} –apiConfig < file> –clusterConfig <ClusterConig.json file> –tarballPath <tarball path> –toScala <“2.11” or “2.10”> –tenantId <a tenantId that is applied to all metadata objects> –adapterMessageBindings <a JSON file … Read More

Tagged JSON Input Messages for 1.4.3

1.4.3 adds support for tagged JSON input messages. To allow an adapter to accept tagged messages, the adapter should be configured to use the jsonserdeser serializer/deserializer class. The “taggedAdapter”: “true” should be included in the Options section. For example:

Known issues: Including a message type in the MessageName key of the message adapter binding … Read More