Case Sensitivity in the Message Definition

The message/container can now handle case-sensitive features. If the message definition contains a CaseSensitive key and this key is defined as TRUE, then the fields in the message definition are case-sensitive. The variables in the generated message are the same case as given in the message definition. If the CaseSensitive key is FALSE, then the … Read More

ClusterInstallerDriver Parameters

From the console, type the tool name, ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0, without arguments. See a dump of the arguments. java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:<KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/config/log4j2.xml -jar <KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0 Expected output: /** Mandatory parameters (always) */ –{upgrade|install} –apiConfig < file> –clusterConfig <ClusterConig.json file> –tarballPath <tarball path> –toScala <“2.11” or “2.10”> –tenantId <a tenantId that is applied to all metadata objects> –adapterMessageBindings <a JSON file … Read More