ClusterInstallerDriver Parameters

From the console, type the tool name, ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0, without arguments. See a dump of the arguments. java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:<KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/config/log4j2.xml -jar <KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0 Expected output: /** Mandatory parameters (always) */ –{upgrade|install} –apiConfig < file> –clusterConfig <ClusterConig.json file> –tarballPath <tarball path> –toScala <“2.11” or “2.10”> –tenantId <a tenantId that is applied to all metadata objects> –adapterMessageBindings <a JSON file … Read More

New Kafka Adapters Shipped

Because of compatibility issues between Kafka clients and brokers of different versions, Kamanja now ships three different Kafka client JARs (v8, v9, v10). For v10, both Kafka input and output adapters are found in the kamanjakafkaadapters_0_10_2.10-1.5.3.jar. In ClusterConfig.json, v10 Kafka input/output adapters must be declared as follows (the dependency JARs can be found in the … Read More