ClusterInstallerDriver Parameters

From the console, type the tool name, ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0, without arguments. See a dump of the arguments. java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:<KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/config/log4j2.xml -jar <KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0 Expected output: /** Mandatory parameters (always) */ –{upgrade|install} –apiConfig < file> –clusterConfig <ClusterConig.json file> –tarballPath <tarball path> –toScala <“2.11” or “2.10”> –tenantId <a tenantId that is applied to all metadata objects> –adapterMessageBindings <a JSON file … Read More


After comparing limitations and benchmarking capabilities, H2DB was chosen as the new single installation storage adapter. There is no need to set up a separate component to store data. There is no need to update the MetadataDataStore field as h2db in the ClusterConfig.json,, and files. These files are already defined in the Kamanja … Read More

JTM (JSON Transformation Model)

What is the JSON Transformation Model? JTM stands for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Transformation Model. The language is based on JSON map and list (or array) expressions. Some familiarity with JSON is expected. If not, there are numerous books and web-based tutorials on the JSON language. Like all other Kamanja models, JTMs accept one or … Read More

Kafka Security

Important: Kamanja 1.5 requires Kafka 0.9.x. (Kamanja 1.5 cannot work with Kafka 0.8.x because of Kafka backward compatibility issues). Kamanja 1.5 uses Kafka API 0.9.x with Kerberos-enabled. Details: Kafka simple consumer and producer now use the Kafka API 0.9.x. SSL client-to-broker security is now enabled. Kafka configuration was modified to use SSL/Kerberos. This section explains … Read More

Model Validation Process

Which Model Types Were Validated? The model types listed below were taken from the following diagram called “Kamanja Integration with Software and Algorithms” (updated 5/20/2016):   The following model types from PMML producers (vendors) were validated: SAS (vendor), using PMML generated by their Enterprise Miner software: Decision Trees (CART, C5.0, Cubist) Neural Net Regression (linear, … Read More

Properties Parameter

A new feature is that the add/update commands have an additional parameter. This additional parameter can be provided through a file – PropertiesFile – or through a command string in JSON format – Properties. For example: kamanja add message $KAMANJA_HOME/input/SampleApplication/metadata/message/Message.json TENANTID hello PropertiesFile $KAMANJA_HOME/config/HelloProp.json or kamanja add message $KAMANJA_HOME/input/SampleApplication/metadata/message/Message.json TENANTID hello Properties “{ “Comment” : … Read More

Smart File Output Adapter

A smart file output adapter (also known as a smart file producer) is an output adapter that can be used to persist Kamanja results to HDFS or a local file system. This adapter supports compression and can produce files in gzip, bzip2, or xz compression format. The results can be partitioned into different files/folders using … Read More