Adapter Changes in ClusterConfig.json

To add a new object to the cluster configuration file, create/modify an existing JSON file. To add an object (in this case an input adapter), add a new ADAPTER object to the configuration file and submit it to the metadata via the kamanja upload cluster config command.

To update an existing object, simply update … Read More


Adapters are plugins that allow Kamanja to communicate data with external, third-party systems. There are two general types of adapters: input/output adapters for reading and writing messages (that is, record structures) with systems such as Kafka or MQ. storage adapters for saving data, such as HBase, Cassandra, or SQL Server.

Add $KAMANJA_HOME to bash_profile

Add Kamanja to .bash_profile. Note: On Linux, use .bashrc. On Mac, use .bash_profile. Use a favorite editor to modify .bash_profile or .bashrc. For example, on the Mac, first verify if there are admin privileges: sudo -v If you get the Password prompt, there are admin privileges. Then type: sudo vim ~/.bash_profile to edit .bash_profile. To … Read More