Case Sensitivity in the Message Definition

The message/container can now handle case-sensitive features. If the message definition contains a CaseSensitive key and this key is defined as TRUE, then the fields in the message definition are case-sensitive. The variables in the generated message are the same case as given in the message definition. If the CaseSensitive key is FALSE, then the … Read More


Open-source database that handles big data on clusters.


Community Enterprise Operating System.

Choosing Model Results

This section describes a situation where the model is written in PMML and the output is always emitted. In order for Kamanja to emit output, one of the rules in RuleSet must return its score value as opposed to the defaultScore value given in RuleSet. When this is accomplished, all of the fields described in … Read More

Cluster (Data Mining)

When discussing data mining algorithms, a cluster analysis is a type of unsupervised learning that groups records together that have similar attributes or fields. A cluster center is the average over the records for that cluster, for each field used to define the cluster. For example, if the data was the X, Y position of points on a barn door, … Read More

Cluster (Kamanja)

(In a Kamanja context) – When installing and configuring Kamanja, a group of Kamanja nodes working together on the same task. Typically, clusters would not overlap. A cluster may be composed of one or more nodes/engines.

ClusterInstallerDriver Parameters

From the console, type the tool name, ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0, without arguments. See a dump of the arguments. java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:<KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/config/log4j2.xml -jar <KAMANJA_CLUSTER_INSTALL_HOME>/bin/ClusterInstallerDriver-1.6.0 Expected output: /** Mandatory parameters (always) */ –{upgrade|install} –apiConfig < file> –clusterConfig <ClusterConig.json file> –tarballPath <tarball path> –toScala <“2.11” or “2.10”> –tenantId <a tenantId that is applied to all metadata objects> –adapterMessageBindings <a JSON file … Read More


Introduction See the latest list of Kamanja commands by running: kamanja help (updated for v1.6) This gives a rough idea of how many Kamanja utility commands are available. Some commands have been added and some deleted. The kamanja help command gives the latest available commands. Here is a list of some Kamanja utility commands that … Read More